Why I support Andy: Tony Davies

Andy Burnham is the ideal candidate for young people in Greater Manchester. With his wide range of brilliant policies designed to benefit young people from every town and borough in the region, Andy is showing that he listens to young people and wants to address the current problems facing us.

One of the key parts of Andy’s platform that drew me to him is his stance on education. As a current apprentice, I know quite well about the shortage of apprenticeships that can be found within the region, often resulting in many young people not being able to gain a quality apprenticeship in the field that they want to go down. Andy has pledged to create enough quality apprenticeships for everyone that wants one in Greater Manchester, ensuring that every young person within the region has the widest range of educational opportunities possible.

Andy’s platform on transport will also have a huge benefit to young people around the region. More young people have to rely on public transport than any other age demographic and often have limited personal funds. Yet young people around the city are currently paying extortionate amounts to use outdated and unreliable forms of public transport, meaning that opportunities for education and work are often limited by how much young people can pay to travel to them (often forcing young people to choose between education and work). Andy’s pledge to introduce free travel for 16-18 year olds will help deal with this problem; ensuring young people can travel to education, work and other opportunities without being restricted by their economic background. Andy’s pledge to increase smart ticketing will further reduce costs for users of public transport.

Young people often struggle to get on the housing market. By using the region’s £300 million housing fund to create affordable housing across all of Greater Manchester, Andy will help change this for the region’s young people.

With Andy’s policies, proven experience, competence and drive to listen and help young people, if he is elected mayor he can prove to young people disillusioned with the current political climate in the region and around the country that Labour is a party that not only listens to their concerns, but acts on them. I am proud to have voted Andy to be our Greater Manchester Mayor.

Tony Davies, Salford, Digital Marketing Apprentice