Why I support Andy: Jo Platt

The most deprived councils have seen the biggest cuts in Government funding from this Tory Government, with traditional Labour voting areas in the north of England losing out the most. Wigan council has been no exception, as Government cuts will total £160million by 2020, we are all having to change the way we do things in order to continue to protect our most vulnerable, whilst delivering day to day services for all residents. This coupled with Brexit and the current crisis within our national party, there has never been a more politically unstable time and somewhere in the midst of this madness, we are in full swing of selecting our Labour candidate for Greater Manchester Mayor.

It is essential that we select a strong Labour voice to ensure our values and ideals are brought to the forefront. Our post-industrial towns and cities need this more than ever. For me Andy Burnham is the only candidate offering a coherent strategy with robust Labour values to radically improve Greater Manchester for the better. The devolution deal, although flawed with an identified £2b funding gap, is an opportunity for local government and the elected Mayor, to have a say on where vital money is spent, as well as holding the Tories to account for the above black hole.

Andy has the experience required to go head to head with the Tories, whilst understanding the changes required from a local government perspective. In Wigan our public service reform approach has proved that outcomes can still be reached, despite the financial difficulty we have faced. Andy understands this and has worked alongside the authority on this approach, supporting organisations that are doing great things within the community, helping those in need, whilst engaging with key partners in our health and education system to ensure that the system is adequately supported. Our northern towns and cities need another chance to be great again and Andy’s pledges fit the bill, from housing, skills and training to energy, employment and education.

I urge you to support Andy in his vision for Greater Manchester and give him your vote.

Cllr Jo Platt, Wigan