We did it!

We've just made a breakthrough in the fight for justice for our trades unions. 

Last night in the House of Commons, I secured an historic agreement that will protect our trades unions going forward and I wanted you to hear about it first. 

Under pressure, the Tories were made to acknowledge, for the first time, something we have long known to be true: that the Establishment have, in the past, sanctioned spying on trades unionists and been involved in the blacklisting of workers in the construction industry.

I moved a change in the law to prevent the monitoring of trades unions by the Police and security services and I am proud to say that the Government was forced to accept it.

Union and Party members who have campaigned to support those who have suffered from these abuses in the past should feel rightly proud today and more confident that they won't be unfairly targeted in the future.

As a country, we are beginning to shed light on some of the darkest chapters in our country's past. In the last two months, compensation was awarded to blacklisted workers who had been denied work and the Hillsborough families finally got justice. With last night's historic move, we can say that we are making real progress in the fight for justice for ordinary people.

Now, we must step up the campaign. In the coming days, I will be calling for an inquiry into the Battle of Orgreave and the policing of the miners' strike and for an inquiry into blacklisting. I will intensify efforts to secure justice for the 'Shrewsbury 24'. And, next week, on the back of the Hillsborough verdict, I will press for equal legal funding for bereaved families at inquests.

By continuing to demand the truth about how we were governed and policed in the last century, we can make life fairer in this. 

On many issues, I have shown that I know how to fight - and win - for working people. I can assure you that, as your Mayor, I would do the same for Greater Manchester and all its people.