Our ambitions for Greater Manchester

  • All our children starting school ready to learn and leaving with hope of a good future, through a new drive to improve technical education and help with transport costs.
  • A decent and affordable home for everyone to rent or to own, with nobody forced to sleep rough on our streets.
  • The 21st century UK industrial capital, a world-leading Digital City and Green City, where businesses are supported to succeed and jobs are decently-paid and secure.
  • Reliable and affordable public transport serving all communities, with less congestion on our roads.
  • Revitalised town centres and safe communities, where everyone can enjoy green spaces and breathe clean air.
  • A more active society that equally values the voices of all its citizens and involves them in the decision-making contribution.
  • Home to the country's first fully-integrated National Health & Care Service.
  • A place which pioneers a positive vision of ageing and helps older people live life to the full.

Click here to download a PDF summary of Our Manifesto

"This is Manchester. We do things differently here."
Anthony H Wilson


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We will set a new ambition for Greater Manchester: the best place in England to grow up. 

Sadly, we live in a country where postcode and accent still determine where people end up in life. Our driving mission will be to break that cycle.

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Greater Manchester is already a great place to live and work. It has an unrivalled mix of heritage, culture, sport, music and countryside. But it can be even better.

It shouldn't just be the best place to grow up; it should be the best place to live, work and to get on in life too.

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Across Greater Manchester, there is a predicted 29 per cent increase in the proportion of people over 65 by 2032, and the proportion of over-85s is expected to double.

We should celebrate the fact that more people are living longer and the opportunities that brings. 

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Our Manifesto sets out some radical ideas.

We will only achieve them if we are prepared to think differently about how we do our politics and open it up to a much broader range of voices. 

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