Homelessness Pledge

Support my pledge to end rough-sleeping in Greater Manchester by 2020.


One of the most common issues raised at Our Manifesto events was the growing levels of rough-sleeping on our streets. That’s because people here don't just walk past people in doorways without noticing them. They want something to be done.

"Homelessness and rough-sleeping are not an inevitable consequence of a 21st century economy."

We will take immediate action to establish a new Homelessness Action Network bringing together charities, businesses and faith groups and any individuals who wish to make a contribution in this area with the goal of eradicating rough-sleeping in Greater Manchester by 2020.

Progress happens when people pull in the same direction. Though the Tory Government looks the other way, we can at least ensure that, here in Greater Manchester, no-one is forced to spend a night on the cold streets. 

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